Air Supply Apparatus

ASA (Air Supply Apparatus)

Variety of products to meet the requirement for low speed to high speed, for movable, for ASA, for high pressure coolant and etc are available. Special is available on request.

  • Max. Speed:12,000 min-1(JHP3HS)
  • Max. Coolant Pressure:1.0 MPa(JHP3AHPR)

Length of ASA


LR=LS(Spindle Length)+※+A(Chuck Adapter)+C(ASA Adapter)+B(S.R. Bushing)+E(Max.10mm)
※Dimension differs depending on the type of chuck. (Refer to the page of chuck.)

Types of ASA and Bushings


For Diaphragm Chuck and Air Chuck.

For Diaphragm Chuck and Air Chuck.

For w/movable ASA Air Chuck.


S.R. Bushing

  • TB-001:Mainly for JHP3HS. Fine centering is possible.
  • TB-002/3:Shaft is splined. For JHP2
    ※TB-002 is a blank S.R.Bushing can accept bolt holes at any position at cutomer’s convenience.
  • TB-004:With split & mainly for JHP3. Possible for JHP3HS. For tightening ASA and for securing with adapter.

Max. Air pressure & Coolant pressure

Model No. MAX. Speed Jaw Open Close
/ Max. Air Press
Center MAX. Air
/ Coolant Press
4L3 8,000min-1 0.8MPa 0.4MPa
4L3AHPR 6,000min-1 0.8MPa 1.0MPa
JHP3HS 12,000min-1 0.8MPa 0.4MPa
JHP3 8,000min-1 0.8MPa 0.4MPa
JHP2 8,000min-1 0.8MPa 0.4MPa
JHP3AHPR 6,000min-1 0.8MPa 1.0MPa

4 Layer ASA (For confirming workpiece seating)

Not only opening & closing jaws, air blow and/or coolant feed through the center bore of chuck, checking and confirming workpiece seated properly or not, is possible.

Air Supply Apparatus for High Pressure Coolant

JHP3AHPR(JHP3 High pressure coolant type)

4L3AHPR(4L3 High pressure coolant type)

Model No. Capability corresponding high pressure
4L3AHPR 1.0MPa

Increased capability to reduce the possibilty of penetration of coolant.
Can be used with CNC turning machines and grinding machines.