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PCS Broken Tool Sensor 

In automatic and unattended machining, it is imperative to detect 
the broken tool when it take place.  If it’s undetected, a huge loss
of cost will be caused from such as scrap parts, machine’s damage 
and downtime.  It can be easily installed with the machine at an 
affordable cost, and can detect the breakage of drill, tap and reamer.

■High sealing performance (IP67)
■Small dia. of tool, 1.0mm or below, can be detected.
■Model:PCS-100 w/SCU-100  PCS-250 w/TCU-250


Hydraulic Booster (miniBOOSTER)

miniBOOSTER is a oscillating booster. 
They automatically intensify the system pressure giving a higher
outlet pressure and will compensate for oil loss on the high pressure side.

■Max. 20 times Intensification
■Compact Size & High Performance
■Space Saving & Cost Reduction
■Various Models to meet different demand


Rotary Wiper

ROTARY WIPER makes it possible to view the production process clearly within
the machine enclosure. Window always gets dirty because of oils, coolants and chips.
By installing Rotary Wiper, even large amount of coolants, etc., will not prevent 
an operator from being able to observe set-ups and production runs of all sorts.

■Improved Visibility
■Less Air Consumption & 
 Lower Noise Level
■Easier Maintenance Work
■Improved Sealing 
Performance against Coolant