In automatic and unattended machining, it is imperative to detect the broken tool
when it take place. If it’s undetected, a huge loss of cost will be caused from such 
as scrap parts, machine’s damage and downtime.  It can be easily installed with the 
machine at an affordable cost, and can detect the breakage of drill, tap and reamer.
The sensor is bracket-mounted close to the tool easily and conveniently.
A needle is arranged in different length and can be bent so that the sensor would be 
installed near by the tool flexibly even though the space around he tool is tight and
 limited.  Controller is installed in the machine tool cabinet.

■High sealing performance (IP67)
■Small dia. of tool, 1.0mm or below, can be detected.
■Model:PCS-100 w/SCU-100  PCS-250 w/TCU-250

Contents of PCS-100 system



●Contact Sensor PCS-100
 with Needle Assembly
●Controller SCU-100
●Connecting Cable (STD:5m)
 with L90 Connector
●Clamping Collar



Contents of PCS-250 system


●Contact Sensor PCS-250 
 with Needle Assembly
●Controller TCU-250
●Connecting Cable(STD:5m)
 with L90 Connector
●Clamping Collar








PCS-100 Contact Sensor PCS-250 Contact Sensor
Housing Anodized Aluminum Same as PCS-100
Needle swing Swing Angle 5-175°mechanically adjustable Electronically learned swing Angle up to 300°.
Completely diagnostic system.
Needle Max Life needle in standard length 140mm,
Long needle 200mm (Heat-Treated)
Same as PCS-100
Motor drive Direct Drive (No Gear Box) DC motor Same as PCS-100
Sealing Sealed against liquid and solid contaminants.
Rating IP-67
Same as PCS-100
Cable 90°or straight, moulded 4 pin connector.
Standard length 5M (Max. 50M)
Same as PCS-100 (except 5 pin connector)
SCU-100 Controller TCU-250 Controller
Operating voltage 24VDC Same as PCS-100
Max.current 250mA Same as PCS-100
Operating Temp. 0-55℃ Same as PCS-100
Housing Material Polycarbonato Same as PCS-100
Max.wire size 12AWG Same as PCS-100
Mounting 35㎜ DIN Rail Same as PCS-100
OK Fault relay Dry Contact  (Contact Rating) Same as PCS-100
Additional Functions Changeable to reverse logic for space monitoring Remote teaching terminal as well as teach button equipped.
Normal Tolerance-NT / Extended Tolerance-ET Select Swich.